An Oversight – or Overslight?

As I work on this site, I realized that I purport to writing here – well, where is the writing? So, I’ve corrected this situation by adding yet another page to the menu. I hope this works to clarify and unify the site.

Oh, well, a WIP is just that. Art is WIP even when slighted.

Knowing When to Stop – One at a Time

I admit I have trouble completing a piece, or even knowing when it is okay to let go of working on it.

Looking at my extensive collection of pictures garnered from many years of activity (much of it fruitless and futile), if you are thinking of a successful, memorable, image, I see that one of the most important aspects of any art is knowing when to call it a day on a particular image.

Stopping may be difficult for someone who wants to endlessly partake of the excitement of creating unique and personal expressions. Expressions of themselves. Self-imposed limits that do not need to be obeyed.

So these pictures may or may not represent the finished product. That may never happen, but it won’t matter. Or would it. So,

look at the images you see here and online, on the wall or off the wall. The maker is the one who is responsible, or not, and only the maker will know the process. Only the maker can determine when to quit and when to move on to another beginning.


Not-So-Lazy Days of Summer

I’ve been contemplating how to go about this blog, and come up with a logical flow of information and interesting content.

Stay tuned as I develop my galleries and pull some stuff together for better viewing.

Summer is hot and so should your trips to my gallery be.

Welcome to my Gallery

So here you are. Welcome and come in. My galleries are waiting your viewing. My galleries appreciate your kind comments. Please stay a while and look around.

While you are here, check out how during the many years that I’ve involved myself with 2-dimensional expressions, the methods have changed. I’ve done line drawings, cartooning, landscapes, animals, all sorts of subjects. And I’m still learning.

I’m a member of the Monmouth Camera Club and the Navesink Garden Club where I am the webmaster. I am the author of the website as well. The meditative practice of qigong helps to be aware of the little things that are important in life.

I have a husband, Jim, and a cat and dog – Lady CocoBean of Keansburg and Missy respectively. I like to read. Oh, and a glass of beer isn’t out of the question.