Artist Statements

Jo Grazide


I’ve been “taking pictures” since childhood. I enjoy traveling to beaches, local parks, and events to take pictures. But my very favorite subject is my own garden, whether a single flower, my pond or the gardens that I design and maintain. I find that photography makes me more aware of nature, natural beauty and aspects of design and composition in different seasons, and at different times of day.

I started using digital media about 13 years ago. I like to show my subject in interesting ways. Thanks to the Internet, and groups like DTSPG and my mentors and friends, I’ve come to realize that there are many opportunities not only to learn, but to help others to learn. As a member of DTSPG I have learned much about expressing myself through photography. I am a firm believer that photography should be fun and that everyone has a photograph to share.

I’ve exhibited in group and solo shows at the Middletown Township Public Library and SCAN in Eatontown. My online galleries can be accessed through my website.

My goals are to improve my skills and to be able to transmit my feeling, mood or vision to others.


Gear:      Canon Rebel XtI with either a 50 mm fixed lens or a telephoto lens and tripod

Workflow: Elements, NIK, Picasa, Paint Shop Pro, Gimp

Ask me about: Nature photography, Lighting, Outdoor shooting


Artist Statement – Yet More
Jo Grazide
9/11 MTPL Exhibit

Jo has a BFA from St. John’s University but has spent most of her artistic life using pen and ink, and watercolor. Jo’s passions are gardening and photography. The technological age has allowed her to combine the two. In her digital images, you can see the results of a liberating experience using digital photography and computer software.
Her artistic influences include Jean Dubuffet, Hieronymus Bosch, Annie Leibowitz, Diane Arbus, and Georgia O’Keeffe.
Jo is a member of Navesink Garden Club and serves as Webmaster. She is also the Vice President of Programs for the Brookdale Computer Users Group, which has an ongoing relationship with the library, providing computer workshops and other services.


Explaining the Unexplainable – Women Who Write Show 2015

Jo has been using technology to create her images for over 10 years. Starting with a point-and-shoot, she found that her favorite things could be combined into a hobby that she could take anywhere. Paying attention to the beauty of nature, using the computer, writing her blogs, and being with wonderful fellow photographers and writer has resulted in a new direction for this show.

These pieces reflect new techniques learned in the past year. To honor fellow writers and artists, and those who came before, Jo has incorporated writing into the current show. Each piece has some literary content. The writing may be in French, or may be a part of an ancient scrap of paper, but it is there, underlying the image presented.

The flowers are mostly grown by Jo in her garden. The backgrounds are culled from friends and the Internet. Surprisingly, these are not too difficult to manage, and she will be presenting her techniques at a workshop in May.

For more information or to view Jo’s online galleries, you can go to this link. Follow the tabs to access her many projects and to follow her progress.

Jo is always inspired by the beauty of the world around us. Taking a single bloom from a bouquet, or giving it a new context, makes the image unique. Jo has tried to give each image a new context. This results in a picture that one can revisit and see differently each time, just as in nature.

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